New Beginnings



Who is God calling Harrisburg Presbyterian Church to be in order to meet the needs of ministry in our community and our world?

How are we to prepare for that?

How is God inviting to use our resources to best serve him?

These are some of the questions we’ve been asking as we dream of what is possible for HPC if we are “a people whose identity is in Christ and Christ’s mission.” In order to answer  these and other questions, we entered into a process named “New Beginnings”.

New Beginnings is a process that guides us toward formulating a new direction that carry us into the future by discerning what God is “leading us to become and do” on our path toward viable, healthy ministry in our community of Harrisburg, NC.  Please feel free to follow us as we discover God’s Hope working through the four stages of New Beginnings.



This comes after our examination and consideration of our current financial position, our last 20 year trends, our limited outreach to the greater Harrisburg community, and an overall desire to move toward greater spiritual health in our church.  During this time, we have found ourselves asking questions about HPC’s future in the changing community of Harrisburg.

After much discussion and deep prayer we have voted to enter into a church-wide
discernment process to identify a path that will carry us into the future.  One of the most important aspects of the “New Beginnings” process is the multiple ways for each member of HPC to participate.  Each member is invited to be an active part of the process that will include an Appreciative Inquiry (Q & A), small group discussion and discernment gatherings, as well as other feedback opportunities.





For More information on the process please explore the New Beginnings link:
What is Our Future Story